Since I was a child I had an instinct, a passion, which was to create clothes for my Barbies. I was delighted when I was given a small piece of fabric: I created clothes that in my eyes were more beautiful than those of my girlfriends, bought for their dolls. My mom tells me that … Continue Reading

I called in this way today’s post because I wear a skirt that with its embroidery, reminds me of a fantastic world of snow and ice crystals. Also the fact of wearing a little fur (that is something very unsual for me) gives me the idea of ​​being a kind of a queen … This … Continue Reading

Reply to this letter.     Dear Luciana,   first of all, I’m pleased to meet you even if not in a proper nice way. So, let me clarify from the beginning that this is an excuse letter, and it was not at all my intention to upset anybody.   I started bloggin very recently, … Continue Reading

As you may have noticed last weekend was for me to break from the blog. In fact, I took two days of relaxation with friends and family in Trentino Alto Adige. Yesterday we went for a walk in the snow on the mountain Plose, near Bressanone, even with my dear nephews of 2 and 5 … Continue Reading

Who said that in winter you should always dress in dark colors? Sometimes you have to give a boost of energy and positivity dressing colored. If it’s not easy for you to change to a very lively clothing, you can try on a day like today: Friday, before the weekend (which makes us more joyful) … Continue Reading

Today the sun shines again, that’s beautiful! Sorry if in some parts this one seems almost like a blog on the weather, but I’m a bit wheater sensitive and for me the sun is really a godsend: it makes me feel good, it makes me happy, it gives me enthusiasm, it activates me, it makes … Continue Reading

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At the Berlin fashion fair in January 2016 I visited the stand of Elle Emme Couture, and I asked a few questions to better know the brand. I speak with Luz Molina, creative director and fashion designer at the company that bears his name.         @ What does the name Elle Emme … Continue Reading

Alla fiera di Berlino di gennaio 2016 ho visitato lo stand di Elle Emme Couture, e ho posto qualche domanda per conoscere più approfonditamente il marchio. Parlo con la stilista Luz Molina, Direttore Creativo e Fashion Designer presso l’azienda che porta il suo nome.         @ Da dove viene il nome Elle … Continue Reading

After yesterday’s rain, this morning in my area the fog came back. I want to take a walk, and so I got dressed in a comfortable way, but not in overalls, so to eventually go also downtown. This is the first post I’m publishing wearing jeans, garment that I love but that’s hard for me … Continue Reading