In Berlin from 19th to 21st of January it took place the one that is probably the most important plus size fashion fair in Europe, called Curvy is Sexy.

This name emphasizes expressly the fact that often round women with proper curves are also incredibly sensual and fascinating, despite the extra pounds. Even if it wasn’t published and shouted, the message launched was very clear in every corner of the pavilion: focus on the positive side of the body, highlight the inner energy, spread the sense of welcome, feel a sort of gorgeous voluptuousness.

I’ve been at this exhibition for the first time just two weeks ago, and the thing that struck me the most at first was the fact that in that building I felt normal, and the different ones were  regular size people. I would say: a good feeling! Here the curves were particularly appreciated and celebrated.

I’ll talk about this experience widely in the coming days, in the meantime I want to start sharing with you a video that sums up the fashion show for next autumn winter, representing some brands exhibiting at this fair.

Click here:

Enjoy and see you soon!

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