Hello everyone!

After the greyness of the past few days, from yesterday in area (the Pianura Padana, north-east Italy) the sun is finally back. I don’t know for how long, maybe only for few days, but it is worth taking it all, letting its positive energy warm our skin, bones and hearts.

And how better to start writing on this blog if … with the sun in front?!? I hope it is a good omen for my new adventure!

DSC_2154 (2)

In this blog you will find look suitable for many kind of occasions, like it happens in everyday life. But I wanted to begin with something a bit more chic. A good part of the garments of today come form the outlet shop of the last company I worked for, and they are brands that cater to an audience of regular sizes, but their fit and the cut also allow also to curvy body to wear them. All the pieces that I wear are not this season’s, so I’m sorry but if you like you’ll have to turn your attention to something similar, or buy it directly from my wardrobe.

DSC_2140 (2)

The blouse is from a past See by Chloé collection. In polyester georgette crepe, I like the pleated and draped panel at the front. It’s size 46IT (42EU), and to me is just right on the sleeves’ width, but the volume of the body is very wide.

DSC_2155 (2)

The wide trousers are by Cooming Soon, a brand born from the mind of Yohji Yamamoto in 2007 which, however, has had a rather short life. Pure wool, it’s characterized by high waist and a kind of wraparound panel that is tied at the waist with herringbone cotton ribbons. It has a wide leg and it’s comfortable. I usually do not like to wear trousers so high waisted, as I believe that for my body shape, if not well balanced or contrasted, they are not very adviced and they tend to emphasize hips and butt. But in this combination, I like it! It’s a size 48IT (44EU) and fit quite wide.

DSC_2088 (2)

The long cardigan is by iBlues. I cut the labels off, but it should be in cotton with a percentage of wool or cashmere. It has a wide neckline and few buttons: more than heat, it is suitable for layering. Even for its length, it is good to cover the B side and to slim.

DSC_2123 (2)

The hat is stolen from the wardrobe of my boyfriend: it’s woolen, handmade, of Rizzolli, Bolzano.

primi piani cappello

The necklace is u

nbranded. I bought it more than a year ago at my hairdresser, who had a few accessories on sale, and I found it very beautiful. I also like because it is very light.

The earrings are of Colours & Beauty.

DSC_2129 (2)

The clutch, very nice mouse shaped, it’s by Yazbukey, bought at a flea market, new, at a very insignificant price. (I really like to do this kind of business!)

mix topolino

The watch is Diesel and I like the idea that it’s so small as to be almost a bracelet, a little gem.

The three blacks elastic bracelets, are purchased at a flea market.

Shoes are by Roberto del Carlo. I Don’t particularly like laced up shoes, but I really like the way masculin and feminine aspect are mixed in these ones, and the shape of the heel, which is also comfortable and solid. I wear a 40, and they’re right to fit.


Thanks to Michele Tabacco for the pictures.


I hope you enjoyed this first look. See you soon and Happy Sun!


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