Hello everyone and welcome!

I believe and I hope that from today you will be more to read and follow my blog … And so I try to keep your attention by posting a new outfit.

In the village where I live there is a house with a mill that exploiting the streams fed by springs, sometimes is in function, creating a lovely sound of rushing water, in addition to the romantic image that fills the eye.

This morning I had a great luck: I passed nearby and the owner of the house was out doing a little maintenance at the mill, which was in operation. Kindly he made us see the inner workings of the mill, explaining that it was converted to create electricity, and it’s generally activated when they need heating or air conditioning.

I then took advantage of his hospitality to make some shots where normally is not allowed access.

DSC_2032 (2)

I called this post “no chill at the mill” because I was wearing a warm down jacket. I bought the jacket this winter at the Industries Sportswear Company factory outlet, in Mestre, at a really competitive price to be real down and a brand that I like very much, that is now closed: Coast Weber & Ahaus . Size 12UK 48IT, I like the color and the shape, which freely draws inspiration from a motorcycle nail, but without collar.

DSC_2037 (2)

DSC_2060 (2)

The trousers are a comfortable pass-partout that I’ve used for years, found in super sale as the last piece at H&M. Polyester crepe and size L, they are very versatile and I also really like the color.

DSC_2084 (2)

The shoulder bag is Chloé, purchased at a very special sale, but never actually worn. The colors are just perfect for this look!

DSC_2064 (2)

The boots have a few years and have brought them a lot, because beautiful, comfortable and solid. They’re by Ash and I have tried to repurchase them for a long time searching on the web, but without success. In fact, with the time passing they have expanded and now they’re too big to be worn for a long time… Originally size 40, now they fit like a 41.

DSC_2048 (2)

The blouse is of See By Chloé. In reality this is a sample piece purchased Sinv outlet, but being originally designed as an oversized t-shirt, luckily I managed to get into a size 40! (Although, to tell the truth, for me it is short and thight)


The necklace is a travel souvenir, from New York. It’s by In God We Trust (IGWT) and I was pushed to the purchase, because I liked the double pendant and the two-tone gold-silver chain.

I love, when I travel, buy clothes or accessories are a gift that you can live, and in fact doing so I can show off unique things, almost impossible to find in the area.

The earring, remained single piece, has no logo.

DSC_2065 (2)

The scarf should be a mix of wool, viscose and cashmere. It ‘s very hot, reversible, and I bought in one of my many trips, as a souvenir, in Sanaa, Yemen, in a souk.

DSC_2068 (2)

The small cardigan is Falconeri. Size L, is 100% merino wool.

Thanks to Michele Tabacco four the pictures.

Even today I’ve finished. See you soon!


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