Today is the day of lovers, and fortunately I’m in love, since nearly five years, with a beautiful boy, that makes me feel good and completes me.

Falling on a Sunday, this day will have two important events: the first is a family lunch with a musical event in the afternoon, the second is a romantic evening with the one that I always call “The Moroso” (that means “boyfriend” and so he is saved in my phone book).

For both looks my choice fell on red, the color of love.

For the day occasion I chose a knee-length dress with a flared skirt that, I confess, I bought and worn for last Christmas.



It is a Zara dress in polyester crepe with standing collar, 3/4 sleeve with slit and flared skirt. Size L, it’s fitted on the bust but wider on the skirt. This dress is suitable for my body shape because it covers my weak point (legs and hips) and arrives just below the knee (I do not like shorter lengths that show the flab …).

I think that it will also be suitable for the musical event of the afternoon, since there is the possibility that I’ll be driven to take some steps of argentine tango, one of my old passion. And the skirt lends itself well to the movements of this beautiful dance. I also did some tests of steps:

trio fronttrio back

The necklace is a purchase in super sale at NKD: I did have a suitable collier for this neck, and indeed even this one continues to shift, but it does its figure!

_DSC7532Earrings are golden with cubic zirconia, a gift received many years ago, unbranded.

primi piani 2

Finally, the shoes are tango shoes, Madame Pivot size 40, enriched with a bright detail on the left heel. I like them very much, and I’m sorry I do not have more occasion to wear them (and dance …). You also will see other shoes of this kind in the new posts.


I like to wear heavy covering tights with sandals … _DSC7518

For the night I wanted something more important:



I wanted to make my first order from Asos: a long red dress. With ruffles at the breast, crossed back straps, a soft line and very long. It’s by the brand Alice&You in 100% polyester. It was my first order from this platform, and unfortunately I chose a size far too large, a 22UK and for me it’s certainly 2-3 sizes too big. I was wrong in choosing it deceived by European sizes (the same European number corresponds to 2 sizes larger than Italy, that is a 50EU = 54GB). This dress is still on sale on the site at just € 14.99 (Alice&You abito rosso)



No accessories for tonight, just me! 😉



Even the sandals were purchased on the english e-commerce website. They are Asos High Cross, size 40 and are still on sale at € 25.99 (Asos High Cross).

primi piani

Thanks to Angela Semilia for the pictures.


I wish you a Valentine’s day full of pampering, love and joy!!!

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