After yesterday’s rain, this morning in my area the fog came back. I want to take a walk, and so I got dressed in a comfortable way, but not in overalls, so to eventually go also downtown.

This is the first post I’m publishing wearing jeans, garment that I love but that’s hard for me to wear. Why, you’d ask. Well, because I cannot find jeans that I like and that fits me well. I’ve worked for years in historicsl companies that made jeans be their strength, and therefore I love and I know denim, I appreciate its characteristics, structure, color and I give a lot of importance to washing. I like that a 5 pockets have an authentic wash that reproduce the realistic wear signs, that the three-dimensionality of the indigo twill is not flattened by synthetic compositions. The problem is my body shape; typically pear-shaped, with strong thighs and quite slim waist, I tremendously struggle to find styles that fit me well. Usually or legs are too thight, or waist too wide. Even with the plus-size brands I can not find a 5 pocket for me, because also in this cases I found the waist fare too wide compared with the thight width.
The models that I can hope to be able to wear are those with low waist, where the difference between the pelvis and the belt is not so wide, and the flare models, the 70’s style, typically wide-legged. Exactly like the style I’m wearing today.


Here I am, I chose a look in blue and teal shades, and beside me there is a swan, but I kept him at a safe distance …


I start to describe you the garments I’m wearing just from the jean. It is a model that I designed and realized when I was working for We Are Replay, the leading collection of Fashion Box Industries, which I helped to launch on since 2003. This model is inspired by sailors pants, and then it hasn’t the classic 5 pocket shape. When I worked for We Are, I was always trying to insert into each collection a model of jeans that would be fine for me. This has the quite wide leg, with slightly flared bottom, and I like to iron it with center crease for an less casual impact. A part from today, I often use these jean with high heels (perhaps wedges) and 70s blouses to be more chic, perhaps boho-chic. Size 33, they’re 100% cotton. DSC_2778

The wool blend cap is Hat Attack (hat attack), an American brand. And in US I purchased it, another one of my “wearable souvenirs”…



The maxi cardigan, heavy pure wool, is an inheritance from my aunt Oriella that comes straight from the early ’80s. Unbranded, played on the blue and black tones, with leather trim, it is a piece that keeps really warm. Overlayered on the padded vest, it is perfect for a day like this and helps to slim the figure covering the most critical parts of me.

DSC_2787 The padded vest is real down, bought in Berlin on sale at a shop belonging to a chain that I really like, but that is not yet arrived in Italy: Uniqlo. It is a Japanese brand that at home is one of the leading clothing chains in the market, both for profits and sales. The company produces high quality clothing at the lowest possible price to create “modular” look: collections are characterized by the essentiality of the cuts and patterns with a very wide color offer. The basic concept is: simple garments but well made and with quality at a great price. For easier understanding, I define Uniqulo in this way: kind of H&, but with excellent quality and a very small fashion content. My vest, size XL, has a green and blue tartan effect that costed on sale only € 14.99; you can find similar here.


Regarding the turtleneck, actually they’re two and even these are part of my “wearable souvenir” category. They are Club Monaco, founded in New York on offer at a great price and I’ve taken three; the outer one is in heather gray and blue stripes, while the one below is in solid blue. Both M, they are in mixed wool (75% wool 20% pl 5% ws), light and comfortable, but warm.

DSC_2797 (3)

I wanted to wear a belt to slim a bit the figure. It’s in black leather with golden buckle, unbranded.

primi piani

giro front

Thanks to Michele tabacco for the pictures.

I’m done for today. I wish you a good evening, hoping that the sun will soon bright!

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