Today the sun shines again, that’s beautiful!

Sorry if in some parts this one seems almost like a blog on the weather, but I’m a bit wheater sensitive and for me the sun is really a godsend: it makes me feel good, it makes me happy, it gives me enthusiasm, it activates me, it makes me more extrovert … I like it so much!

It is proof of the following photo of today’s look: at one point I wanted to jump and joke, and I enjoyed it!

lancio in aria

But let’s start from the first layer… It’s not already so warm to go around in shirtsleeves!!!

DSC_2161 (2)

This is my complete look. You’ll probably recognize a garment already seen in the post Warm and feminine wool: the double-breasted mannish jacket See by Chloé, in gray wool twill, size 12UK. It’s made of a fairly lightweight fabric, although wool, and to stay warm I have to play with layerinig, creating also a visual pattern of shapes.

DSC_2162 (2) (2)

As you can see the second layer is characterized by a long cardigan with a particular shape, which you can see in detail below:

DSC_2170 (2)

DSC_2208 (2)

It’s a kind of big rectangle with sleeves, without buttons, and I close it with a large safety pin (as in this case) or with a knotted belt. This confortable and soft cardigan is of Club Monaco, an American brand, and this is also one of my wearable souvenirs, a purchase made on sale that I really used a lot. While lightweight, it keeps very hot because it’s 100% Cashmere.

DSC_2172 (2)

And let’s speak about the protagonist of the head title: the culottes. That’s the name of this kind of pants which last season had so much success. A style with wide leg and shorter than usual, mid-calf or just above the ankle. A few years ago probably nobody would have imagined it but now it is an unmissable piece in a fashionista wardrobe! This is by Fiorella Rubino, in stretch polyester crepe, and you can still find it for sale at a fantastic price (I bought them in December at full price 🙁 …). Look here.

For my body shape, with important thighs, the coulotte model is particularly suitable, and soars further with the help of a heeled shoe.

DSC_2222 (2)

I bought the blouse together with culottes. It’s also Fiorella Rubino, in stretch polyester size 14UK (41, according to their sizing code). It was a gift from my boyfriend because he liked the fantasy: a mix of colors that were on trend this season.

The little belt is an old H&M, while the necklace with leaf pendant is Accessories of several years ago.

DSC_2168 (2)

The bag is Nannini of a couple of years ago, genuine leather adorned with bronze colored zipper.


Earrings … I can not remember, while the boots in patent leather with wooden heels are Chloé, purchased at an outlet mall two or three years ago, granted.

Thank you Michele Tabacco for the photos.

I wish you a good evening, and enjoy the sun every time!!!

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