As you may have noticed last weekend was for me to break from the blog. In fact, I took two days of relaxation with friends and family in Trentino Alto Adige.

Yesterday we went for a walk in the snow on the mountain Plose, near Bressanone, even with my dear nephews of 2 and 5 years.




Among the shots of snowballs, we decided to take some pictures to share an outfit suitable for a day in the snow.

I would like to start by saying that it is not easy for those who have a bit of extra pounds to find technical clothing that fits well. Being pear shaped, my main difficulty is finding pants, for every style and occasion. Imagine how difficult to find some active sport’s one! Fortunately, continuing unabated to investigate trough the racks of some stores, last year by Sportler, on sale, I was finally able to buy the ones that I wore yesterday, which are almost perfect.


IMG_2177 (2)

With elastic waist and useful pockets with waterproof zip, my technical pants are McKinley size 16GB, in 48% polyamide, 43% cotton and 9% elastane. They fits well thanks to the fabric, that is very elastic, and the leg that is wide enough for me. At the bottom they  have a drawstring to be tightened to avoid direct contact of the body with snow or water. They are waterproof (already tested) but very breathable, and this allows me to wear them in the free time, without having to necessarily take advantage of the technical component.


IMG_2170 (2)

Unfortunately large or plus sizes don’t offer usually a wide range of colors for this kind of sport clothing. Consequently, to bright up the look I paired black with a white zipped turtleneck jumper Champion, size L, in technical polyester,

lancio palla di neve

The gray melange scarf with  fringes is 100% cashmere, unbranded. You’ve already seen it in the post Grey and Yellow: how to revive the winter. Leaving for the weekend without knowing exactly what I would do, but wanting to keep the suitcase as light as possible, I brought with me some interchangeable pieces for different occasions of use, and a soft scarf in a neutral color is one of them.

IMG_2188 (2)

The same concept works for the bag. This one can be described as a my bag as a tourist: small but roomy, compact, with many compartments and two bottle pockets at the sides, waterproof, it is ideal when you have to take away different things, remaining free to move, but without too much room for risk of having excess weight tto carry. This bag is one of my wearable souvenirs: purchased in Paris, it is the from Japanese brand Uniqlo of which I have already spoken. I got it on sale in the men’s accessories department: it has a very simple and practical design, just what I wanted!


Yesterday, the sun was shining and warming, so at a certain time I took off my jacket, but it was not enough to wear only a jumper, especially in the shade!


The complete look included in fact a padded jacket.

IMG_2269 (2)

This lightweight downjacket is Salewa, bought on sale two years ago at the chain Game 7 Athletics. In duck feathers and outer polyamide, size 14GB, it is very convenient because it keeps warm, but it is really not bulky at all, and can be easily folded into a small bag, when it’s hot.


IMG_2278 (2)

Yesterday there was a beautiful sun and to wear glasses with dark lenses was a must. At the same time, overall in the shadow, it was useful to wear a cap. This is without logo, with pom poms in rex lapin.


The sunglasses are F a s t copy made in Italy. The boots are Asolo. The angel wings shaped earrings are one of my wearable souvenirs, purchased in Hong Kong, unbranded.

attacco alle donne

Thanks to my nephew Max who enjoyed launchint snowballs. ;-)

Thanks to Daniela Donolato for the photos and for bringing me to this beautiful place.

For those who wish: Schatzerhütte refuge in Eores (more information here).

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