I called in this way today’s post because I wear a skirt that with its embroidery, reminds me of a fantastic world of snow and ice crystals. Also the fact of wearing a little fur (that is something very unsual for me) gives me the idea of ​​being a kind of a queen …



This is a variation to my beloved black and white combination sweetened with a little gray.


The star of this look is definitely the skirt, an old piece that I realized when I was working for We Are Replay (fall / winter 2005/06). I love this skirt and I love to wear it for different reasons. First of all, it suits my body because it covers the robustness of the thighs and allows instead to emphasize the waist. It’smade in a stiff fabric, a bull denim, which is unusual for a pleated skirt, and the enrichment of lurex embroideries make it really special and unique. A garment that, even when I wear it nowadays, attracts compliments. Last but not least, I love this skirt because I still remember the study to achieve it, and the developments made at the embroidery supplier to get the perfect result. 100% cotton in size 32, which corresponds approximately to a 14UK.


The ribbed sweater has a light boat neck, light and warm, Jucca‘s. Unexpectedly, it’s a Small and is made in 75% lambswool 20% pptt 5% cashmere.


To keep me warm and make me feel more like a little queen, I wear a small fur shrung. I love animals, but I accept this piece because it is made of lapin (rabbit) and knitted (so it’s lighter and less material is used); let’s say that the sacrifice of these poor animals, at least, was not caused only for the fur, but have also been exploited for meat. I wear it as a shrung, closed with a brooch, or as a scarf knotted around the neck. It was a gift, and it has no brand.

accessori 2

Even the accessories worn are white and black: the earrings are a reminder of a holiday in Sardinia, made by a craftsman, unbranded. The brooch is also unbranded, purchased several years ago.


The hat is H&M, pure wool. The watch Casio.


Necklace with lens pendant embellished with inlaid roses is silver and is one of my wearable souvenirs, purchased in Belgium.

The little belt is simple, in leather, to be tied as you prefer. Unbranded.

The boots are OXS, in suede, of a few years ago, size 40.

salti da dietro


The jumps are … a free expression of joy! ;-)

Thanks to Michele Tabacco for the photos.

See you soon!


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