The look I am presenting today is dominated by two colors that I think go very well together: a clear powder pink with a burnt orange. They are warm colors very pleasant to wear in winter giving a touch of color while remaining very sophisticated and not too bright.


So, from the colors I took inspiration for the chic part of the title.

The idea of ​​the Ballerina comes from the skirt: a midi tulle half wheel one that reminds immediately the classical dancers’ tutus. And I’ve been also inspired to do a few rotations, not being able to do real pirouettes…

gira ballerina

Also in this look I mix high quality garments with low budget ones, feature that always distinguishes me.


The burnt orange cardigan in pure wool is See By Chloé. A few seasons ago’s, it’s a size 14GB.


The lined tulle skirt is an old H&M. Polyester, size 42EU 12US, it can be worn in different waist positions as it has an elasticated waist band.

DSC_3423 (2)

The blouse is in silk georgette, See By Chloé. It has a very nice gathering on the neckline, and it’s size 16UK.


Being both shirt and skirt wide, I decided to wear a belt to emphasize my waist. With woven braided elastic band and clam shell buckle, it is an old H&M.


The boots, which you have already seen in the post No chill at the mill worn in a more casual way, are Ash, size 40.



The scarf, 3 m long, is an old H&M.


Microfiber tights are Calzedonia.

Thanks to Michele Tabacco for the photos.

See you soon!

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