When the bad weather gives us a break and the sun shines for a few hours, it’s possible to feel that lively air that smells of sprouting life, and the temperature rise makes us thinking immediately to spring, which is at the door.

It hasn’t arrived yet, but the desire to put a few more colored garments, to me, is immediate.

So, balancing weights, materials and colors, I took out my white jeans from the closet!


Colors on yesterday’s post contrail Chic Ballerina, but the burned orange is replaced by mustard, in a tone that is fine for winter and, associated with light colors as in this case, it is also perfect for the famous “between seasons”: it gives a touch of warm and smells of autumn or flower buds.

The light touch of yesterday’s is now replaced by white, but to still keep the feet on the ground (and the head warm) a bit of dark gray brings us back to winter._DSC8137

The dress is last year, H&M regular collection in size 44EU (= 14GB). With 3/4 sleeve and center fold, in polyester and lined, it has a straight shape that is suitable for various types of physicality. Who is, for example, “apple shaped” could wear it left fluttering, only with tights or leggings, discovering the beautiful legs that usually characterize this body type. “Hourglass” women should wear it with a belt that highlights the narrow waist point, exposing the sinuosity of the body. I, “pear shaped”, love to wear it with jeans underneath, like a maxi blouse. In fact, it would be short nearly to the limit for my beautiful big thighs, and I think it enhance me more worn in this way. Coupled also with gray jeans and long black cardigan in full winter, for me it is important to show that I have a marked waist, consequently I wear itwith a little belt carried slightly low waist, just above the hips.

Update of March 14th 2016: last weekend, I walked around in a couple of H&M stores, and I discovered that this dress is still for sale. You can find it mustard-colored (like the one I wear) at 15 and in new colors such as gray and blue at € 19.99:





The shrug is Zuiky Outlet collection, purchased at Franciacorta Outlet Village (Brescia).


The slightly flared jeans are an old We Are Replay, size 33 and are made of cotton with a 2% elastane.


I believe that a model of pants like this, for those who have a similar body to mine, is particularly suitable because it visually balances the body proportion.


The little belt, glimpsed only, is in fake braided gold leather bt H&M, a few seasons ago.


The wool blend cap, stolen to my boyfriend, is unbranded.

The clock, already seen in 70’s flowers, is Nixon bought on Yoox.


The earrings are Colours & Beauty, already seen in With the sun shining, while the necklace is a gift from my aunt Loretta, unbranded.

Boots, my beloved seen in No chill at the mill and Chic Ballerina, are Ash.


No pirouettes for today, but a little walk forward back, showing you the look in its whole.

Thanks to Angela Semilia for taking the photos.

See you soon!

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