Last night I was at the theater, and so today I propose a look that may be suitable for a major event, a gala or, indeed, a first important play.


The look itself is composed by only few pieces, and in this case I show only the indoor version, or for mild temperatures, without a warm outerwear.

I believe that the result looks expensive and chic, but in reality this combination is really quite cheap. In fact, if we consider that the fur shawl was a gift, the budget for dress, necklace and sandals is below 80 €.

The secret, to make it chic and seemingly valuable, is to mix wisely quality pieces with cheaper garments. It’s also essential that proportions are right, that the combination enhances us, makes us feel comfortable and that we wear it with nonchalace.


The dress I wear is Truly You, ordered on Asos. Strapless, with preformed cups and draped fabric, being cut below the breast as empire style it slims the figure and fits very good to a pear shaped body as mine: it highlights shoulders and décolletage slipping gently on the hips. In polyester georgette, it’s a size 20Uk: really too large and long for me, probably two sizes too big. I was deceived in the conversion sizes while ordering… iI’s still available, you can find it here only at € 32.99.


The rabbit fur shawl is, as I disclosed above, a gift. I’ve worn it already in a more casual winter look: The Snow Queen.


The necklace, already seen in my first post With the sun shining!, is embroidered on a fabric base, unbranded, bought some time ago at my hairdresser.


I like the fact that it has to be knotted, creating a delicate bow pattern on the back.


Earrings are ing gold and cubic zirconia, an old gift from my godparents. I chose them because they are very discreet and they only give a touch of light to the face, so as not to overload an already important look.


Also left fell on the shoulders, the shawl is very chic and can help disguise particularly thick arms.


The dress is very beautiful even worn alone. Its lightweight fabric that moves with me invites to dance.


To further slim down the figure I hazarded a couple of really high sandals, for my habits… They Asos High Cross in size 40, still available here at € 25.99.


Thanks to Angela Semilia for the photos.

I wish you a beautiful event filled weekend!


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