The look I am presenting today is a good compromise for this transition season, when the temperature slowly rises and we start craving spring. Some reminiscences of the coldest season are represented by warm but not loud colors, in addition to the location and the weather still unhappy, while the 70’s insiperd floral dress revives a bit the widespread gray.



As you can see, I’m not alone, but accompanied by nice feathered shots companions ;-) !


The dress, star of this look, is by Oltre, bought this winter. Its fluid not too bulky lines well adapt to various body shapes. With a slight gathering at the waist, it helps to gently highlight the contours of the body but not marking htem too much. In crepe viscose size 16UK, it is still available online (see it here). I recommend it because its pattern disguises curves and it’s good for different usage occasions and different temperatures. In this case I worn it with woolen cardigans and tights, but I am sure that I’ll use it again when the weather will be warmer, perhaps without socks and with a leather jacket.




Maybe you’ll recognize the burnt color cardigan, already worn for the post Chic Ballerina. See By Chloé a few seasons ago, it is size 14GB in 100% wool. I really like its length and the neckline: finishing just below the hip, it covers the most critical point and helps to slim the figure; but the deep V-neck does not take away the necessary femininity.

DSC_2922 (2)

Today I dared a purple lipstick, very dark for my habits, but finally I got used to it quite easily.


Earrings are by last year Colors & Beauty collection.

The brooch is a beloved memory of my grandmother Beppina.

The necklace with leaf pendant has several years, purchased by Accessories. But now you can find it pretty identical even at H&M (look here).


Thanks to Michele Tabacco for the pictures.

See you soon!

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