Yesterday I spoke of my style in the post Di necessità, virtù, and today I propose one of those looks that I built and maintained over time and, undoubtedly, identifies me.

The common denominator of this outfit is represented by its contrasts, from different points of view: black and white, masculine and feminine, weights and different fabrics, proportions and layering.



As I wrote yesterday, we all have different personalities, and I like this look because it shows more than one simultaneously. My femininity is represented by the blazer, my strong personality by the jacket and belt, my naughty spirit from the leather lace, my versatility by the total look, my breadth of thought and the instict for conciliation by the colors, one opposed to the other.


The men’s inspired blazer is See By Chloé. a few seasons ago. Closed by a metal hook, it has a shawl rever with shiny contrasting fabric inspired by tuxedo jackets; size 12GB, it is 98% wool and 2% elastane.


The shirt is an old piece that I worn a lot and now it would be time to store it. But I really like it because it is made of a consitent stretch cotton (96% co and 4%), malish inspiration with a feminine fit. The folds sewn on the front recall a tuxedo shirt, with very beautiful high neck and cuffs, rigid. Now all the shirts that I find on the market for women, have no strong support in these parts, they are empty without that character that I like. It’s an old Nara Camicie. I tried several times to find a similar one, without success.


The white bull denim jeans are We Are Replay, already seen in Sunset walk, spring is coming!. Size 33, they are in stretch cotton with a slightly flared fit.


The petticoat is vintage, and has been in my drawers for several years. I should also replace it, but I find none of this length, with a nice lace and a similar fabric (not too synthetic). I wear it also as a skirt, lined with another underskirt, as in the post Sweater and underskirt.


The earrings are a purchase made in Hong Kong, unbranded.

The choker is a simple leather lace bought in haberdasher’s, knotted.

The black leather belt with metal motifs in silver color, more or less dark, is unbranded.


Boots with front portholes are Chie Mihara, already seen in Grey and Yellow: how to pump up winter.


I like the idea of ​​wearing a skirt over jeans, but is also functional to cover my most important part. Therefore it helps to optically slim down, which never hurts!


Thanks to Angela Semilia for the photos.

What do you think of this outfit? Definitely not suitable for every day, but it does its impression!


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