Spring finally arrived and started to give us some good days. And with sun and mild temperatures, I started desiring ice creams.

And so, thinking about the title of this post and watching its colors, cherry and vanilla are the “tastes” that came to my mind! 😉

DSC_1909 (2)

You’ll probably recognize some pieces of this outfit already presented in some other combinations, but here the colors are fresher, despite the materials still allow me to stay warm.

DSC_1902 (2)

For this transition season I suggest to wear layered looks, making possible to remove garments in the warmer moments, and keep the necessary warmth when needed.

DSC_1850 (2)

The coat is a soft wool cardigan, which keeps the right heat, if needed, but if worn open it only repairs from the breeze, without being overly heavy. It’s Fabiana Filippi a few seasons ago, in a beautiful melange yarn: 75% merino wool, 15% silk, 10% cashmere.


DSC_1857 (2)

As you can see, it is a generous size S, and you can close it thanks to a metal pin. I this season I use to wear it as an outerwear, while in winter I also wear it while in an interior.

DSC_1851 (2)

The skirt, my beloved, is a garment that you have already seen in Warm and feminine wool, combined with darker colors. Falconeri, 70% merino wool 30% cashmere, is size L.

DSC_1910 (2)

The top, sleeveless, is H&M a few seasons ago, however there are new updates of this kind of style every season. It’s in polyester georgette and cotton lace, straight fit. Being transparent, I superimposed it on a burgundy top, also H&M.

DSC_1877 (2)

Il coprispalle ha diversi anni, ed è di Dimensione Danza, in misto lana. Non lo indosso spesso, ma il suo colore e la sua funzione sono perfette per questo look.

Gli stivali si intravedono soltanto, ma sono i miei cari vecchi tronchetti Ash, che ritrovate qui.

The shawl has several years, and is by Dimensione Danza, wool blend. I do not wear it often, but its color and function are perfect for this look.

You can only imagine which boots I’m wearing, they’re my old beloved Ash, that you can see better here.

DSC_1911 (2)

You can also recognize the necklace with leaf-shaped pendant, Accessories.


Also other accessories won’t be new to you… The watch is Nixon by Yoox, while the earrings are wearable souvenirs from Hong Kong.

DSC_1895 (2)

Thanks to Michele Tabacco for the photos.

I wish you to taste a first good ice cream, but I recommend: don’t go around too light dressed!

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