When talking about overalls, usually the first image that comes to mind is linked to denim overalls, the ones for men’s heavy works, or oversized fit. Lately however, the market supply an always increasing wide and varied choice of this item, making justice to this garment that he can be also very feminine.

Similarly, even the all in one have become increasingly frequent in the shops’ stands, assuming attractive lines, taking shape thanks to fluid and feminine fabrics, also becoming very sexy in some cases.


In few days you will see on these pages, some pictures where I wear a real jumpsuit, with bare back, very sexy.

Today I stay more moderate, and I present a dungaree that I liked a lot both for color and shape, but that unfortunately doesn’t suit me perfectly.


To those who wonder what is the difference between overalls and jumpsuit, I answer thus simplifying: dungarees should be worn with a top or a t-shirt, it is not sufficient as a sole piece, unless you want to be really revealing. A jumpsuit, instead, can be worn as a single piece, it is enough by itself.


I bought this overalls on Asos, and when choosing I also really liked the culotte pants that are very up to date now and  seems to well adapt to my body shape. I was also attracted by the color, the cache-coeur shape of the chest and the straps on the side. It is part of the regular collection and it’s size 18UK, in a stretch polyester viscoseblend . Maybe now you cannot see it because I selected the best pictures, however, there was a slight defect created at the hip level: the pants was a bit too tight on the thighs and it tended to create unsightly creases.


It’s a shame, because I liked this garment a lot!


Perhaps it is a combination that is now almost too wintery, but I liked to match this beautiful eggplant with a burnt color. The pullover that I wear, although it may seem warm, is wool, but very light: excellent therefore for these mid seasons. Chloé a few seasons ago bought on sale, it’s 100% pure merino wool.


Also the necklace with pendant that I wear is Chloé, with two laps around the neck to make it visible and not makin it disappear in the intersection of the two front fabric panels. It’s a special edition, now unobtainable, which hides a little secret: the pendant opens revealing a very good solid perfume.


The earrings are made of silver, Isabel Marant.

The ring, silver with a very special process of relief and chiaroscuro, is one of my wearable souvenirs, purchased at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.


Boots, bought on Asos branded Truffle Collection, attracted me very much because of their shape, and I didn’t mind the idea that they were vegan. But when they arrived I just tried them with this look, but then I returned them because for my tastes they look a bit too fake. The very interesting thing, though, is the price:only £ 19,52 (on sale), and are still available here. But beware: they are not suitable for strong calves like mine; even if they have a short leg, I could not pull up the zip up top.

Thanks to Angela Semilia for photos.

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