Spring finally arrived and started to give us some good days. And with sun and mild temperatures, I started desiring ice creams. And so, thinking about the title of this post and watching its colors, cherry and vanilla are the “tastes” that came to my mind! 😉 You’ll probably recognize some pieces of this outfit … Continue Reading

To start the week, today I present a look suitable for the office, in total black. But if black is the common denominator of this outfit, a variety of textures and shapes make it still special and interesting, absolutely not monotonous. Also the compositions of the fabrics are different, good to a passing season as this … Continue Reading

The look I am presenting today is a good compromise for this transition season, when the temperature slowly rises and we start craving spring. Some reminiscences of the coldest season are represented by warm but not loud colors, in addition to the location and the weather still unhappy, while the 70’s insiperd floral dress revives a … Continue Reading

It’s March 9th but, as also the weather forecast sites write, the spring is struggling to take off. The sky is often lead gray, if it does not rain, and it’s hard to wear something colorful… Black is always a safe option, but not to be too dark I always like to contrast it with … Continue Reading

After a heavy rain the night, today’s awakening gave us a panorama with the mountains finally covered with snow as they should be in winter. I would have liked to take a walk in the fresh snow, but not having this opportunity I did a walk in any case in a beautiful park, where the … Continue Reading

When the bad weather gives us a break and the sun shines for a few hours, it’s possible to feel that lively air that smells of sprouting life, and the temperature rise makes us thinking immediately to spring, which is at the door. It hasn’t arrived yet, but the desire to put a few more … Continue Reading

I called in this way today’s post because I wear a skirt that with its embroidery, reminds me of a fantastic world of snow and ice crystals. Also the fact of wearing a little fur (that is something very unsual for me) gives me the idea of ​​being a kind of a queen … This … Continue Reading

Who said that in winter you should always dress in dark colors? Sometimes you have to give a boost of energy and positivity dressing colored. If it’s not easy for you to change to a very lively clothing, you can try on a day like today: Friday, before the weekend (which makes us more joyful) … Continue Reading

Today the sun shines again, that’s beautiful! Sorry if in some parts this one seems almost like a blog on the weather, but I’m a bit wheater sensitive and for me the sun is really a godsend: it makes me feel good, it makes me happy, it gives me enthusiasm, it activates me, it makes … Continue Reading

I woke up early this morning, and it was breezy. But luckily the sun warmed the air lately, lighting up even the white mountains tops. I wanted to wear something warm and feminine. I then opted for clothes that in winter always make me feel good and warm. These are garments of a couple of … Continue Reading