When talking about overalls, usually the first image that comes to mind is linked to denim overalls, the ones for men’s heavy works, or oversized fit. Lately however, the market supply an always increasing wide and varied choice of this item, making justice to this garment that he can be also very feminine. Similarly, even … Continue Reading

Spring finally arrived and started to give us some good days. And with sun and mild temperatures, I started desiring ice creams. And so, thinking about the title of this post and watching its colors, cherry and vanilla are the “tastes” that came to my mind! 😉 You’ll probably recognize some pieces of this outfit … Continue Reading

A sunset stroll, wearing something warm but also nice to be able to stop for a drink … what to put? A khaki skirt, which makes casual; but in cupro, which is chic! See by Chloé, this long skirt is made of a material similar to viscose, of natural cellulosic origin processed to obtain a fabric … Continue Reading

Yesterday I spoke of my style in the post Di necessità, virtù, and today I propose one of those looks that I built and maintained over time and, undoubtedly, identifies me. The common denominator of this outfit is represented by its contrasts, from different points of view: black and white, masculine and feminine, weights and … Continue Reading

I called in this way today’s post because I wear a skirt that with its embroidery, reminds me of a fantastic world of snow and ice crystals. Also the fact of wearing a little fur (that is something very unsual for me) gives me the idea of ​​being a kind of a queen … This … Continue Reading

As you may have noticed last weekend was for me to break from the blog. In fact, I took two days of relaxation with friends and family in Trentino Alto Adige. Yesterday we went for a walk in the snow on the mountain Plose, near Bressanone, even with my dear nephews of 2 and 5 … Continue Reading

Today the sun shines again, that’s beautiful! Sorry if in some parts this one seems almost like a blog on the weather, but I’m a bit wheater sensitive and for me the sun is really a godsend: it makes me feel good, it makes me happy, it gives me enthusiasm, it activates me, it makes … Continue Reading

After yesterday’s rain, this morning in my area the fog came back. I want to take a walk, and so I got dressed in a comfortable way, but not in overalls, so to eventually go also downtown. This is the first post I’m publishing wearing jeans, garment that I love but that’s hard for me … Continue Reading